Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've been tagged!! Alice is doing the phone tag thing again, this time calling it "Whisper." Here's the deal...

1. Make a change in the paragraph below. It can be as little as a single word or almost every word, so long as we can still recognize the paragraph you received (the one here in this blog, not the original on Alice's blog).

Here's my paragraph:

He got out of the car and stalked toward her, his keys in one hand and a flower in the other. His name was Robert, but she’d always called him Bobby. She said she liked his clear blue eyes. He thanked her and handed her the flower. Then he kissed her hand and said goodbye, and drove off with Susie Q.

2. Tag three people, and link to them. Also link to the person who tagged you so the chain will not be broken!

3. Now go to the original paragraph here and let Alice know you did it. She will link to you.

4. For extra credit, head over to around June 9th for the contest based on this meme. You could win a $20 gift certificate.

I'm tagging A. Catherine Noon, Dayle A. Dermatis & Jennifer Bianco.

Have fun!!


Alice Audrey said...

I've linked to you here:

Great take on the paragraph. I like the keyes.

Kaige said...

Hehe... I picked you for the other tag I got.. be sure to check behind Door #2!

Alice Audrey said...


I know, I know. Twice in such a short time. Do it if you feel like it, otherwise I know you're busy.

Anonymous said...

Suzie Q, huh? Hussy.

Happy Monday!

Unhinged said...

Are you ever going to write here again? :-(