Sunday, February 10, 2008

Accepted at Ruthie's Club

This just in...
As to the three Flash stories, they are (in relation to our extremely high Flash standards at Ruthie's Club) not bad but not great. However, I think we should accept them on trust, because your style is crisp and neat, and because I have a hunch that you will take a step up or two once you find your way in our Flash community.

By way of criticism, there is not enough happening in any of the three submissions, especially Wedding Night. Really high class Flash packs much more of a story into 300 words. We should be getting motive, and character development, and strong hints of stories past and future. The best Flash is not a snapshot. It is a complete, fully-rounded and fully-developed story, artfully truncated.

My partner will be in touch about our further requirements and your benefits. When you get into the site, go straight to the (very large) Flash section and dig around. You'll soon see what I'm talking about.

Yay!! This is my first acceptance to a paying gig! I really appreciate the honest feedback I received from them and hope to incorporate these points in the future to improve my flash stories! I'm waiting to hear back about my "further requirements and benefits", but I'm very excited to have been accepted. Ruthie's Club is a subscription site, so I may not be able to provide direct links to my published work there.


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Anonymous said...

That is just so beyond awesome! You rock woman!!! *hugs*