Monday, February 4, 2008

Prompted Flash

Every now and then I'll write flash prose based off provided prompts. (I usually don't write erotica for these, but rather use them as an exercise to try something different.) Here's one from the Writer's Retreat.

You are a middle-aged woman. You are dressed all in black. You are walking in New York's Central Park. It's night. Who are you, and what are you doing? (300 word limit)

My response:
(300 words)

Janet walked silently through the park. It was a crisp fall afternoon. The wind was calm and the air was cool, but not cold. There were people strolling around, families picnicking, children playing. It all went by in a blur around her. She had been surrounded by people for so long and all she wanted was to walk in silence. To not be forced to smile or nod, not to pretend to be okay. She just wanted to breathe in the air and take in the freedom of space.

She walked on and on. She had no particular destination in mind, no goal; she just wanted to keep moving. If she could have walked to the end of the earth, she would have. But there was no escape. Eventually she would have to go back and face the well-meaning friends and relatives.

She reached a small white bridge and began to cross it. She paused halfway across and turned to the side. She leaned down, resting her elbows on the concrete railing. She watched the ducks gliding along on the water below. She got lost watching the swirl and flow of the water until her vision began to blur.

She reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes, but it was no use. There was no stopping them now. She ducked her chin into her chest and sobbed the tears that had eluded her these past days.

How could he be gone? How could it be possible they would never walk through the park, hand-in-hand, again? What had she done to deserve this? How could she possibly keep going with her life?

Her hands fisted and beat against the railing in rage. She wanted to cry out, to scream her anger. But, instead, she stood up and kept walking.

I didn't notice the "It's night." part of the prompt until this was written and decided not to go back and change it.

~ Kat

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Gwen Mitchell said...

I forgot it was supposed to be night too - mostly because the story sucked me in. I could feel her pain. You describe it as if you've been through it. Very vivid, and nice, clean writing. Well done! ~Gwen