Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Fruit

My First Thursday Thirteen...

Here are 13 fruits and what I think about them.

1. Bananas - love them
2. Rasberries - ick
3. Strawberries - good most of the time
4. Cantaloupe - really like it, as long as it's ripe
5. Grapes - good, especially if they're seedless
6. Apples - yum, yum (Gala are my favorite)
7. Tomatoes - like them cooked in stuff (and yes a tomato is a fruit)
8. Grapefruit - I'm a big fan
9. Kiwi - I could do without most of the time
10. Oranges - usually I like, but I really love orange juice
11. Watermelon - one of my favorite summer treats
12. Papaya - I've actually never tried it
13. Starfruit - tasty, but also big points for presentation

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Gwen Mitchell said...

I've never had star fruit, but I agree on the presentation! Lol. Yeah... I don't think I've met a fruit I didn't like, actually. This list makes me long for summer! =P

Kaige said...

I wouldn't have done so well in a hunter/gatherer society. Meat's good, nuts good, berries bleah, and most other fruit is so seasonal or wouldn't have been available for import then. Great TT, Kathleen!

Mine's up at:

Heather said...

Except for cran, I don't think I've met a berry I didn't like. Love papaya, too!