Monday, February 25, 2008

Tempted by Megan Hart

So, I received my copy of Tempted by Megan Hart last week as the prize for winning the Erotic Woman's Tempted Competition. I started it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. It isn't short, over 400 pages, making it the longest erotic novel I've read to date. It was very good - I was really surprised by how much actual story there was. Sure, there was plenty of sex, and it was explicit and hot. But, the story was interesting and the characters had lots going on outside the bedroom as well. I was a bit disappointed in the ending, it definitely didn't end how I had expected it to - but, I think the ending was very realistic given the characters and the scenario of the story.

I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who likes the genre and will be keeping my eye out for more by Megan Hart in the future.


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